Webinar: What is TPRS?

  • 23 December 2017


Are you teacher Sign Language?

Do you want to know more about didactic skills?



TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) is a didactic method from the USA.

A TPRS-teacher teaches his pupils a new language by storytelling.

Now the method is ready for Teachers Sign Language all over the world!


We, TPRSign, (The Netherlands) understand that a lot of teachers want to get information about what TPRS is,

so we offer you a WEBINAR.

By this webinar we want to give you a change to experience what TPRS is.



in 2018, The Netherlands



TPRSign (The Netherlands) had been developed the 5 day – Basic training for teachers Sign Language.



Are you interested?



Please write below your name and mailadress for this Webinar.

Our e-mailadress is: info@tprssignlanguage.com

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Kind regards,

Iris Wijnen

Tom Uittenbogert