What is TPRSign?

TPRS is an acronym for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling® *.
Now Iris say something about our experiences:
“We used to teach to our hearing students using a traditional method, but we were not completely satisfied with outcomes.
We changed direction, we took a look around to find a new teaching method.
We took part in a lot of workshops, all of them was completely dedicated to spoken languages, and then we found TPRS.
At the end of the first workshop we got curious, so we took part in an intensive class for a week to learn two spoken languages: Chinese and Russian.
We tried, during this class, the TPRS method and we saw that this is the best method ever to learn a new language.”
We tested this method in our Dutch Sign Language courses.
We had no impediment to copyright, so we created three books for the first, the second and the third level, rispectively.
For more information about Research on TPRS, you can visite the website: TPRS Academy: https://tprsacademy.com/en/tprs/research-on-tprs/

* “TPRS and TPR Storytelling® are registered trademarks owned by Blaine Ray Workshops, Inc.”